Erectile Dysfunction: Finding What’s Right for You: A No-nonsense Guide to Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction Price: £4.95 (as of 20/03/2023 07:56 PST- Details)

A complete guide to the many modern, effective and affordable treatment options for erectile-dysfunction which are on the market today. Because no-one should be denied sexual fulfilment or suffer the break up of a relationship purely because of a medical problem. Today no-one has to because there are so many effective treatment options on the market. This book walks you through available treatment options and helps you find what is right for you. Information includes: how to make Viagra work for you. Because so many men give up on Viagra simply because they do not know how to use it. Commercial alternatives to Viagra, include Cialis and Levitra. Other effective treatment options covered by this book include: health and lifestyle choices; over-the-counter food and vitamin supplements; mechanical solutions; injections and testosterone replacement therapy. The book also includes full cost-information from the wallet-friendly to more expensive treatment options. According to US statistics up to 70% of ED sufferers would rather suffer in silence than speak to their doctor. Don’t be one of them. ED can be the first sign of a more serious medical problem. This book explains why. The author writes as someone whom for many years struggled with ED and, after many failures, eventually found what worked for him. He now shares his experience with you.