ZBLL 110V- 220V Professional Electromagnetic Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Physicaly for…

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[ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE THERAPY DEVICE]Shockwave pain therapeutic apparatus by using the principle of sound waves, the massage effect can get to the fascia layer directly, which can fundamentally solve various problems caused by muscle strain. And movement and positioning of probe through therapy, can happen to pain from a wide range of human tissue have good treatment effect.
[CHANGE THE INJURY SITE]Shock wave can change the chemical environment of the injury site, making the tissues produce and release pain-inhibiting chemicals. Meanwhile, shock wave can destroy the membrane of pain receptor, inhibit the production and propagation of pain signals. Works on the parts of the body that have been affected by pain for a long time to solve the problem of muscle pain.
[INCREASE PERMEABILITY]Our Extracorporeal Shock Wave Machine can enhance cell, increase ion channel activity, promote cell division, stimulate cytokines to enhance permeability. The massage effect can effectively reach the fascial layer and effectively reduce the problem of muscle tension.