ZBLL Professional Shockwave Therapy Machine, Electromagnetic ED Treatment Pain Relief Deep Muscle Massager for Erectile…

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[ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE THERAPY DEVICE] — Clinically Proven Pain Relief for Minor to Chronic Pain, Muscle Recovery, Joint Pain, Inflammation, Stiffness. Pain relieve and treatment for plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, shoulder joint tendon inflammation and calcification, groin pain, epicondylitis. The massage effect can effectively reach the fascial layer and effectively reduce the problem of muscle tension
[POWERFUL FUNCTIONS] — Increase of cell wall permeability, stimulation of microcirculation (Blood, Lymph), release of substance P, reduction of unmyelinated nerves, release of Nitric oxide (vasodilation, increased cell metabolism, neoangogenesis, anti-inflammatory effect), stimulation of Growth factors (neogenesis of vessels, bone, collagen) and stimulation of stem cells
[SHOCKWAVE PAIN THERAPEUTIC APPARATUS] — Shockwave pain therapeutic apparatus is a physics mechanism through the medium (air or gas) conduction of mechanical pulse pressure, produced by pneumatic pulse sound waves into precise ballistic Shockwave, movement and positioning of probe through therapy, can happen to pain from a wide range of human tissue have good treatment effect